Wireless Remote control driving aids

Giving you control at the touch of a button.

How We Help

When you’re behind the wheel, nothing is more important than being in control. If you have limited movement in your upper body, you could benefit from a remote control device like ours. We also believe in accessibility, which is why we’ve worked hard here at Hughleon Controls to make sure our systems are not only affordable, but very competitively priced, while still maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

Our wireless keypad driving systems can be programmed with up to 19 functions, keeping vital secondary car controls such as indicators, windscreen wipers and headlights only one touch away.

The keymat has been designed to allow drivers to find the right button by feel alone. We’ve also added a unique colour-coded backlight so it’s even easier to find the right button quickly and safely at night.

The most important thing to us here at Hughleon Controls is driver safety and comfort, no matter what your needs or car type. That’s why we follow a very strict policy on product testing, to make sure our products always meet the highest standards. Our kits are also made to fit into any car, no matter the make or model. When you buy one of our handsets, you are also ensured a 3-year warranty.

Our products are available and can be fitted by a range of professionals across the UK, and our kits are now also available on Motability through one of our retailers. If you would like to find out more about our wireless keypad controls and how to get yours fitted, please contact us.


All of our handsets are compatible with multiplexed and non-multiplexed, old and new cars, and they do not affect the car’s original controls.

Our Accreditations

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Our Wireless Secondary Remote Control Driving Aids are available on Motability through one of our retailers from only £150!

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